4 Things You Must Consider Before Buying Shoes

4 Things You Must Consider Before Buying Shoes

Bette Midler once said ‘I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world’. Well, she couldn’t be less right. Be it informal or formal attire, the right pair of shoes can make you stand out in a crowd. However, the one which fits your feet flawlessly and would walk with you, in the long run, isn’t something to be chosen on the spur of the moment.

Matter-of-fact, when selected carefully, shoes can become your best ally vis-à-vis comfort, style, fashion, and appearance. Therefore, we bring you 4 shoe mantras that will eradicate all the mistakes you make while buying footwear. After reading this blog; you will never regret buying a pair of shoes anymore!

Quality of Materials 

Preferences aside, quality should matter the most especially in the case of buying shoes. It is crazy that ladies can buy a shoe of a possible little amount, but are you buying the quality?

A shoe designed with PU leather would indeed be cost-savvy; however, it will abandon you in the middle of the road and wear out before your expectations. Your shoes meet the rough roads every day and hence demands to be selected with full heart and consciousness.


As they say, good coffee beans can go in vain if not brewed with knowledge and expertise; the same goes for the shoes. No matter how good and exclusive the quality of raw materials is, if not handled with care and sufficient knowledge, it can go to the bin.

Therefore, next time you are out to buy the pair of shoes you fancy, do not forget to look out for its stitching, excess glue, alignment, placement of sole, and other manufacturing mistakes. A poorly designed shoe can bite your beautiful feet while potentially giving you cuts and blisters.

Identify the Shape of Your Feet

The manufacturing modernization has slowly eliminated the trend of designing a pair of shoes for particular feet. There were days when shoe vendors used to take the proper measurement and scale each facet of feet before designing the shoe. Yes, you read right: A pair of the shoe only for you!

Despite the fact that we today choose from bulk shoe production, every shoe comes in multiple sizes and shapes befitting your requirement. Know your feet shape and size today! 

The majority of people mix the concept of shape and size when buying a shoe which leads them to make mistakes without knowing its actual cause. Be it sneakers or sport shoes, make sure that they feel as great as they look and provide the arch support you need. Always try them and walk around the store before bringing them home.

The Sole is the Soul of the Shoe

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No matter how appealing the shoe looks, if it’s inside material, i.e. the sole isn’t appropriate, abandon the shoe right now. A flexible sole has the power to increase the solace of the user. A comfy sole not only makes the journey beautiful but also leads to healthy knees, ankles, and hips.

Regardless of the style you go for, these shoe mantras are fundamental ways of getting a bang for the buck!

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