Use phone spy app to find out how your employee spends their screen time

phone spy app

According to a poll, the average office worker will spend about 1,700 hours per year in front of a computer screen. According to a survey on screen time at work, office workers spend an average of six and a half hours per day at their computer or laptop. And 37% of people say food is more important to them than sex, however this is more common in women than in males. One in every four people has had to move their screen closer to them in order to focus on their work.

How much time employees spend on various activities during work hours makes the case for a device to be monitored?

Managers keep an eye on their employees’ online activity because they’re curious about how they spend their workday hours. Time monitoring enables the employer to ensure that all employees devote their office hours to the work-related duties for which they are compensated during business hours.

Furthermore, studies have shown that when employees are aware that they are being watched, they become more disciplined and motivated to complete their tasks. That explains the immediate 30 percent increase in productivity that businesses report just a week after implementing time tracking software.

Employee tracking using phone spy app helps plan resources more effectively

Employee tracking aids in the more effective planning of resources from phone spy app.

It is said that you cannot enhance something that cannot be measured. When you don’t know how much time and human resources each project will require, you can’t optimize your process either.

Take a look at the numbers

Major IT projects typically run 45 percent over budget and 7 percent over schedule on average. That is why keeping track of your previous projects is crucial, as it allows you to make more accurate estimates of your future project costs and timeframes.

Additionally, past data from your time monitoring software may cause you to rethink how you allocate your human resources in the future. You may want to devote more time to a customer that generates 50% of your monthly revenue if your sales staff is only spending 5% of their time on them because there is a good likelihood that you will achieve even better results with this customer.

With the help of a time-tracking program, here’s how team management works:

Employees working from home may set a deadline, such as Friday, to finish a particular assignment. Once you’ve specified the work, you’re no longer in control of it until the due date arrives. Most managers trust in their employees but confess that they still want to keep an eye on the project’s development – merely to make sure everything goes according to schedule and plan. Managers can use computer monitoring software to check in on their out-of-office staff to make sure they’re working on the correct things.

What you should look for in a time tracking system and phone spy app for employees?

There are hundreds of different times spying apps for android available, each with its own set of capabilities. Following are a few key characteristics that you’re chosen

  • Employee time tracking system should incorporate:

Employees should not be required to pay attention to software. In its place, something that runs in the background and starts automatically when the user turns on the computer should be implemented.

  • Look:

Asking your staff to remember to start and stop the tracker will simply make them more irritated with the new software because it will be an additional burden on their shoulders. As a result, choose software that is inconspicuous and does not necessitate any manual intervention, allowing your employees to forget that it is even there.

The importance of employee monitoring at work has been brought to your attention, and you have decided to track your employees’ computer usage. So, what do you do now? The solution that best matches your needs has even been identified, and you’re ready to commence staff pc spy app operations as soon as possible. 

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