Still, thick verdure, and an eye- catching daylight, If your idea of a perfect holiday includes a high hill. Ananthagiri hills is located in Vikarabad quarter, just eighty kilometers from Hyderabad. positioned inside thick timber, Ananthagiri hills is a perfect destination for summer holiday because the temperature drops from the average temperature of the megacity. This makes it an ideal holiday spot to beat the megacity heat.


Visit Chilkur Balaji Temple

positioned at a distance of fifty nine kilometers from Ananthagiri hills, Chilkur Balaji tabernacle also known as Visa Balaji tabernacle, is one among the only two tabernacles which isn’t operated by the government of India. It’s one of the oldest tabernacles in Telangana which is girdled by a rich history and amazing data. 

It’s said that the addicts who aspire to settle in a foreign country, complete eleven” parikramas” or revolutions of the tabernacle, they can look forward to their visas getting approved, hence the tabernacle got its name’ Visa Balaji tabernacle’. Once the visa is approved, the sucker needs to return to the tabernacle and do one hundred eight” parikramas” in order to pay gratitude to the God. The tabernacle attracts further than seventy five thousand addicts every week. The timing to visit the tabernacle is 5 am to 8 pm and there’s no entry figure.

Visit Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Ananthagiri hills is the place which is home to one of the oldest and most popular tabernacles, Anantha Padmanabhaswamy tabernacle. This tabernacle is considered as the home of Lord Vishnu. Interestingly, it was erected by a Nizam king four hundred times ago , which is now a place of religious harmony.

Visit Mrugavani National Park

Although Mrugavani public demesne is lower than other analogous premises in the area, it makes up for that with its variety of foliage and fauna. Spread over eight hundred fifty acres, the demesne was blazoned a public demesne in 1994. The demesne is home for creatures similar as black napped hares, Indian serpents, foxes etc. The Mrugavani National park would be of great interest for raspberry watchers as it consists of over hundred kinds of catcalls. The excursionists also get a guided wildlife safari, organised by the governing authorities of the demesne, which is the stylish way to explore the important areas of the demesne.


If one enjoys touring, also Ananthagiri hills is a perfect trekking destination. It’s a perfect trekking place for both newcomers and expert hikkers. Ananthagiri hills has two touring trails. One starts right from the tabernacle and the other bone starts at a distance of half an hour down from the tabernacle towards Karelli. One can find numerous fund friendly trekking packages veritably fluently. So do not suppose much, just wear your trekking shoes and start hiking towards the adventure.

Ananthagiri Hills ViewPoint

It’s also known as Godamguda view point. This is the stylish place for the excursionists who want to witness the fascinating beauty with an eagle’s eyes view. Indeed touring or reaching up to the point isn’t delicate at all. After reaching the top, one can enjoy quality time with his or her family and musketeers, with lush verdure in the background and cold wave, refreshing rainfall.

Visit Borra Hills and grottoes :  

The Borra grottoes are located in Vishakhapatnam’s quarter, Araku vale, Ananthagiri hills. Since then it has been one of the most popular sightseer lodestones . The visual feast consists of stupendous hilly trails, eye dropping decor , Borra grottoes ‘ wild fauna, etc. It’s a must visit place for every sightseer considering its natural beauty.

Go For Kayaking

The Kotepally force in Vikarabad quarter arranges numerous audacious water conditioning and kayaking is one among those. Excursionists raft in the lake and explore the surroundings. One can indeed indulge in some delicious reflections as several food booths are set up around the lake area. One can also go for fun and games with his or her near and dear bones and can indeed cook their own food.


Ananthagiri hills are located near Hyderabad which is a major megacity linked with every major megacity of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. One can reach Ananthagiri hills by air, rail and road.

One can get down at Hyderabad field and book a hack from there to cover a distance of a hundred kilometers to reach Ananthagiri hills. If one is concluding for railroads also he or she has to pass through Srikakulam leading to Ananthagiri. Ananthagiri hills also calls for a road trip which can be covered by bike if one is going alone and those with family or a group can fluently take a machine or hack according to the number of people present.

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