SEO Checklist: How to Check Your Page Rankings on Google

SEO Checklist

If you’re reading this, chances are you have an SEO checklist on your mind. If so, then you’re in luck! This SEO checklist will help to make sure that your SEO plan is well-rounded and comprehensive, helping your website achieve its full potential as it pertains to search engine optimization and rankings. By the time you’re done with this list, you’ll have answers to all of the most pressing questions related to SEO and may even have a few new questions of your own that you’ll want to explore further!

Why it’s important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps businesses grow by leveraging search engines like Google and Bing, which send 95% of all web traffic. That means if you aren’t showing up at all for certain keywords, you’re losing out on a huge chunk of web traffic. SEO is not just about ranking #1 for a keyword though—it’s about being visible and found under a variety of search queries your target customers might be using. To do that well, there are some basic tasks you should check off first. This SEO checklist will walk you through some essential steps that can help position your business for success with SEO from day one.

Setting up the tools

To check your SEO rankings, you’ll need a few tools. For one, you’ll need to know where and how to find your keyword rankings. The best way is to sign up for a free trial of SEO Company In Surat. All it takes is 10 minutes and all you have to do is enter your website address. To get started, visit their site here. Once you do that, they will show you what pages are ranking wherein search engines so that you can make necessary changes. They will also help create keyword lists based on data analysis as well as help with social media marketing. To learn more about how they can help and use these tools, click here.

Checking your rankings manually

Luckily, there are a few ways you can check your rankings manually. The easiest way is just to head over to one of many free ranks checking tools and plug in your website’s URL and see where you rank. Another great tool is Google Alerts, which will email you when it detects new mentions of your site in Web results or news sources. Here’s an overview of how that works.

Monitoring keyword ranks with RSS feed readers

RSS feed readers are a simple way of tracking your keyword rankings over time. Once you get your keywords ranked, you can use a feed reader that tracks the number of times each URL is displayed by Google in search results. Just go to a search engine and add inurl: feed in front of your keyword (example: inurl: feed ranking check). Here’s an example of an SEO Company In Surat and here’s one for the Best SEO Company In Surat as well.

Monitoring keyword ranks through email alerts

If you have an SEO company managing your campaigns, it will be easy for them to alert you if something starts going awry. Many companies offer email alerts that notify you when there’s been a drop in page ranking for one of your keywords. Make sure your SEO company provides detailed reports about your rankings as well as suggestions for how to improve them (especially if they aren’t where they should be). Doing so will help you better understand how keywords impact website traffic and conversions—and thus, sales and revenue. If your SEO company isn’t monitoring keyword ranks and providing helpful advice about why these important metrics may be fluctuating, find a new one!

Tracking rank movement over time using spreadsheets

It’s a good idea to track your rank movements over time. I think you should set up some type of spreadsheet with all of your rankings for each major category or keyword you want to track and see how they change over time. This will help you determine what strategies are working for you and which ones aren’t helping as much as expected. Also, Find a Digital Marketing Company In Surat. At least once a month, go back through your ranks from previous months and look at all of them collectively as well as individually. You might be surprised at how little (or how much) movement there has been in certain keywords/categories.

Daily Task For Checking Ranking

1. Submit a new URL in Google Webmaster Tools 2. Submitted Sitemap 3. Url verification 4. Title verification 5. Meta tag verification 6. Keyword research 7. Make sure your google Adsense account is active and verified 8.

Achieved Top Rank On Google

Once you’ve put together a comprehensive SEO strategy, Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Surat time to monitor your progress. Fortunately, there are free tools like Google Analytics and Search Console that can help track your performance. It doesn’t matter how great your SEO campaign is—if you aren’t tracking your progress, then you have no way of knowing what needs work. And not only does it help measure your growth over time but also helps in analyzing what keywords people are searching for and which ones bring them to their site. Additionally, seeing how your competitors fare on certain keywords can give you an idea of what may work for you as well.

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