Practicing nursing according to the Australian health care system

ustralian health care system

This course covers the information and skills needed to work as a nurse in Australia’s health care system, caring for patients of all ages in a variety of health & community care settings. In accordance with the Board of Nursing of Australia’s statutory criteria, this unit pertains to enrolled nursing work done in consultation and cooperation with registered nurses.

Use these abilities in compliance with federal and state/territorial law, Australian/New Zealand Standards, and industry standards of conduct. HLTENN001 is a unit code that can be found in various certificate courses such as HLT54115. Students pursuing these courses might get stuck in this unit and want HLTENN001 assessment answers to get high grades and urgent delivery of assignments.

Learning Outcomes of the Course

1. Utilize nursing ideas and skills to assist patients in a health care setting.

1.1 Sociocultural and societal impacts on health and sickness must be considered.

1.2 Apply learning of non-Western health care techniques and their position in modern nursing practice.

1.3 As a healthcare professional, it is your responsibility to ensure that standards of care are maintained in the current healthcare system.

2. Find out what’s harming people’s health in Australia and take action to improve it.

2.1 Refer the individual to a health expert who can help them identify risk factors such as social settings that might affect their health.

2.2 Recognize the current health challenges that Australians face and the available resources to address them.

2.3 Identify and assess the efficacy of a community health promotion program.

3. Work in the field of nursing as a professional.

3.1 Outline the history of the nursing field and discuss contemporary trends.

3.2 As a nurse, it is important to stay up to date on contemporary nursing theories and implement them into your practice.

3.3 Take steps to ensure that your organization’s processes are auditable and accredited.

4. Contribute to an expert work team.

4.1 Establish collaborative connections in the provision of health care consistent with the enrolled nurse’s function, in collaboration with the registered nurse & other health care providers.

4.2 Examine and record reflective nursing practice.

4.3 Contribute to creating successful teamwork and positive group dynamics while working in an interprofessional team.

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Performance Evidence

This unit’s components and performance requirements require that the applicant demonstrate the capacity to execute tasks, manage responsibilities, and deal with unexpected situations as they arise in work. There must be proof that the applicant has the following qualities:

  • Practiced nursing in accordance with the norms, rules, and recommendations of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
  • During at least one clinical work placement, demonstrated competence in professional nursing practice, such as:
  • Performing five distinct professional encounters to show that you’ve adapted to your nursing job and are using your nursing practice expertise.
  • Thinking about how nursing practice impacted the patient’s health after five professional encounters.

Knowledge Evidence

Candidates must be able to show their ability to successfully fulfill the duties indicated in the components and performance requirements of this unit, as well as to manage their tasks and deal with unexpected events in the area of their work function. This involves an understanding of:

  • Insurance companies and their responsibilities in the Australian health care system
  • The Australian medical system, contemporary service paradigms, and State/Territory levels of care are all discussed here.
  • A wide variety of healthcare settings and the responsibilities played by the multidisciplinary healthcare team & those involved in the delivery of health services
  • Influence of social, political, and economic factors on the provision of health care, such as the availability of resources and the sources of financing

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