Bangalore is an IT mecca, known for its escapism and beautiful rainfall. But there are some places near Bangalore which will take you down from the busy megacity life of Bangalore and introduce you with a comforting air. One of these places are Nandi hills which are known for their jaw dropping natural beauty. Another reason to love Nandi hills is because it’s a veritably notorious daylightspot.Nandi hill offers plenty of touring trails that both newcomers and educated trampers can enjoy. Nandi Hills not only offers touring but it also offers other audacious conditioning like paragliding, camping,etc.

Nandi Hills, also known as Nandidurga, is an ancient hill stronghold erected by the Ganga dynasty and later enlarged by Tipu Sultan. It’s positioned around 10 kilometers from Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka and around 60 kilometers from Bangalore. The Hills are positioned near the city Nandi hence got its name “Nandi Hills.”


Tipu’s Drop

A trip to Nandi hills would be considered deficient without paying a visit to the veritably popular Tipu’s drop which is one of the major places around the area. Captures were pushed down from this point, during Tipu Sultan’s reign, as a discipline for their wrong acts. Now the excursionists can enjoy the view from the top and can click thousands of filmlands for unborn recollections.


It’s also known as Nandi tabernacle. It’s one of the oldest tabernacles of Karnataka, believed to have been erected in the 9th century. This ancient tabernacle is positioned at the base of Nandi hills making it an ideal fun and games spot as well as a deification place.

Amrit Sarovar

Also known as’ lake of quencher’, this beautiful lake remains filled with water throughout the time. The water is so clean that it’s indeed used for force in original areas. The way leading to the wells has a touch of Dravidian armature. It’s stylish to visit the lake during evening time with the shining moon in the sky. The quencher seems to come alive with the moonlight falling on the lake water.

Skandagiri Hills

Skandagiri hills, also known as Kalavara Durga, is one of the popular trekking locales near Nandi hills. With the view of thick shadows, chittering catcalls, foliage, sun playing hide and seek, touring to Skandagiri hills is one of the stylish effects to do. The old rocky tabernacle on the hill top is a prominent beauty which must be captured with camera as well as with naked eyes. The month of December to March is the stylish time to journey the hills for an affable time in nature.

Devarayanadurga :  

It’s located at a distance of seventy one kilometers from Nandi Hills. Devarayanadurga translates to” the stronghold of God”. It’s the perfect holiday spot to enjoy among lush green trees and beautifully drafted tabernacles. It’s a place that’s open throughout the time for callers. Although in summer and the stormy season the rainfall is affable, the perfect time to visit the place is during the downtime season from November to February.


Nrityagram is a cotillion village which is located at a distance of fifty two kilometers from Nandi hills. It’s located in Hesaraghatta, near Bangalore’s pastoral quarter. The villa was developed by a well known Odissi cotillion , Protima Bedi. It’s the first Indian ultramodern domestic academy that educated in colorful classical cotillion forms of India. A visit to Nrityagram would also give the excursionists a chance to witness the Hesaraghatta force which is positioned at a distance of five kilometers down from the cotillion vill.


Trek to Channagiri near Nandi Hills

Channagiri is one of the favourite trekking trails near Bangalore. It’s surely one of the stylish effects to do in Nandi hills. A two hour long walk from the foothills leads towards the peak for an unstoppable and beautiful view of the Deccan table. The callers find calmness while passing through the thirsty foliage and affable climate.

Camping :  

Camping is one of the most seductive effects to do at Nandi hills. To witness the natural beauty nearby, camping is the stylish option. One must stay overnight to respect the beauty of stars. The area is girdled with lush green peaks which make the sightseer substantiate the God made magic.


Flying high and descending with enthusiasm and exhilaration is the feeling which is always eaten at Nandi hills. With paragliding, one can soak in the beautiful position from an eagle’s eyes view. All safety measures are taken care of before taking a sightseer for paragliding.

Cycling :  

Cycling is considered as one of the super healthy exercises and when an adventure is added with it, it acts like a cherry on the top. Cycling on Nandi hills means exploring the natural beauty which includes rare catcalls, different beast species, affable, cold and stimulating wind that strikes on the face. The beauty of the hill comes alive from afar.


The distance of Nandi hills from Bangalore can be covered by both road and rail. The roads of the hill top are excellent and can be covered by any vehicle chosen. One can bring his or her private auto or bike and can enjoy the road trip to the hilltop. The nearest road station is Chikkaballapur which is around 19 km from the hill. It’s also an easy way to reach Nandi hills.

The best time to explore Nandi hills is early morning around 4 am to 430 am as this is the time of daylight which is the most popular sightseer magnet.

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