It’s Your Turn To Shine: Introducing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

The History Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

So, you’re interested in purchasing a lab-grown diamond. Awesome! Let’s take a look at what these diamonds are and how they differ from those that are mined in nature. Before we dive into why your next rock should be laboratory grown, let’s break down exactly what is a lab-grown diamond. All you need to know about CVD diamonds can be explained with one word – artificiality. While traditionally mined diamonds have certain physical attributes that make them unique, synthetic or laboratory-created means manufactured through human ingenuity and have little difference from their mined cousins when it comes to lustre, hardness and brilliance. That said, there are several ways that scientists can engineer diamonds for specific purposes. 

The most common method is called chemical vapour deposition (CVD). This process involves growing carbon atoms on a silicon wafer until there’s enough material to form a diamond crystal. In short, CVD diamonds aren’t just manmade; they’re also made from recycled materials like glass and coal. And because of their origin story, many people prefer them over mined stones for environmental reasons as well as ethical ones.

Where Are Lab Grown Diamonds Found?

The lab grown diamond industry is still quite new, and there are only a few companies that produce them. Many experts believe we’ll see major growth in lab diamonds over the next few years, which means more manufacturers will be investing in ways to commercialize production processes. While currently, most manufacturers have found their success with Silicon Carbide-type machines that use CVD (chemical vapour deposition) technologies; other manufacturers are working on machines for growing diamonds using HPHT (high-pressure high temperature) technology as well. 

Over time, it will be interesting to see how much these two methods compete with each other because they’re fundamentally different techniques. This means consumers can expect to see more options when purchasing a lab diamond down the road. There are already some early adopters of both types of technology – so you can find HPHT or CVD diamonds today if you look around. And remember, not all companies producing lab diamonds do so with both technologies! But it won’t be long before we start seeing plenty of options from manufacturers willing to work through initial issues like yield rates, size uniformity, and pricing/quality ratios.

So Why Are They Called Lab Grown? You might have noticed I didn’t say anything about being man made or fake – those words often carry negative connotations that aren’t true at all when referring to lab grown diamonds!

What Makes A Stone Beautiful?

Our lab-grown diamonds are being marketed as an attractive and affordable alternative to natural diamonds. Our diamond manufacturer went with a light pink color, but there are many other colors that our CVD diamond process can create, including white diamonds like natural ones. However, one thing that makes Lab Grown Diamonds different from their natural counterparts is how they’re created. The CVD diamond manufacturing process uses high temperatures to grow crystals out of carbon instead of mining or cutting rough diamonds. Although it may seem unnatural (pun intended), think about how artificial flowers are grown in labs—it’s just a more advanced version of that same concept! Another thing our lab-grown stones have in common with natural diamonds is that both types of stones will sparkle brilliantly for years to come! For all these reasons, we believe Lab Grown Diamonds are here to stay and should be on your radar if you’re thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring soon.

The lab-grown stone market has taken off over recent years as companies have found ways to manufacture beautiful, synthetic gems at a fraction of their cost. In fact, CVD lab diamonds only account for around 5% of total gem sales today—but industry experts predict that number will rise significantly over time as more people learn about these lab gems and see them up close. We believe it’s only a matter of time before most women decide against purchasing traditionally mined diamonds because there are so many excellent alternatives available at lower prices now than ever before! So what do you think?

Why Are So Many People Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds Over Mined Stones?

Lab grown diamonds offer a perfect solution for many people. Since they’re man-made, you can create a diamond that matches your needs exactly, saving you from any potential problems associated with mined stones. Plus, lab diamonds are becoming more and more beautiful and durable each year. In addition to that, lab created diamonds give back to our planet by not mining for earth-based diamonds. The birth of Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer will be exciting as these crystals become more popular throughout 2017! At Nova GemsTM we are dedicated to offering high quality products at affordable prices; whether it’s a set of simulated pearls or an assortment of anniversary band jewelry you can rest assured knowing you got an exquisite product.

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