How To Wear A Women’s Kimono While Avoiding The Bathrobe Effect?

How to wear a women's kimono

Caution timeless and timeless style, the leather jacket is the queen of our wardrobe every season. And while we know how to wear and accessorize it to perfection, it’s time for a change. A new basic in the women’s wardrobe, the kimono is about to dethrone the leather perfecto and that’s not to displease us. Short or long, plain or printed, this stylish bathrobe will be everywhere this summer. So, here are some tips by Albeli (banarasi saree shop in Varanasi) to wear a women’s kimono without making a mistake!

How to properly wear the women’s kimono jacket this summer?

The leather jacket, we love it, but we’ve already had enough. The kimono jacket has been taking over the catwalks of the greatest fashion designers for quite some time now during fashion week. The result? It slips little by little into our cupboards and intends to stay there. Ultra-feminine piece par excellence, the kimono seduces us with the variety of styles it offers. From the office to the beach, passing through the street, with him there is only one step. Discover our little style guide to choose it well and adopt it with style this summer.

Will the kimono dethrone all other jackets?

After the slip dress, the satin skirt, and the bustier corset, we thought we had seen everything in terms of lingerie pieces. However, now the kimono surprises us by inviting itself into our summer dressing room. Rest assured! It has nothing to do with the traditional model with its precious fabrics and vaporous armholes. This season, the kimono is moving away from its Asian origins and overflowing with imagination to replace all other jackets. Short, long or very long, straight or crossed, it is silky and delicately soft. In addition, it is adorned with all the nuances. On the printed side, there is something for all eclectic tastes: flowers, leopard patterns, tie and dye, tropical leaves, etc. Where to find your kimono? Well, everywhere! Among designers and major brands. And at all costs.

How to choose and wear your kimono?

How to wear a women’s kimono while avoiding the bathrobe effect? Admittedly, this is one of the risks of this trendy piece. By choosing a soft cut that lacks structure, you can quickly adopt a look straight out of bed that is not at all compatible with the office. So, if you want to wear the kimono at work, it is better to be wary of the belt and the cheap synthetic. In summer, light and fluid materials such as satin are in the spotlight. We choose our short kimono and we wear it open like an oversized vest, on a white shirt, slim pants, or a wrap skirt to balance the silhouette. Oversized pieces get along best with a quilted model. In the evening, you can also opt for the kimono jacket by combining it with a pretty little dress.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the sleepwear trend. To avoid a fashion faux pas, we think of accessorizing it with a good leather belt and glamorous heeled sandals. To your delight, the women’s kimono jacket is also casual during the day. During the weekend, it will therefore be perfect with your favorite pair of jeans and white sneakers. In this case, treat yourself by choosing it colored or patterned. Fans of the hippie chic style will have fun combining it with denim shorts, cowboy boots, and a wicker bag for a Coachella-style outfit. Choose yours with fringes for an even more successful festival look. This model is also perfect to dress up your swimwear and bikini.

Short or long kimono: which one for which morpho?

Women with voluptuous shapes and slightly marked waists should better wear the open kimono. As for accessories, bet on a necklace to lengthen your silhouette. Figure-8 morphos and slender ladies can choose a crossover or belted model. Bad tongues say of him that he is just a simple pajama jacket, but that is far from being the case. The great designers, like Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, are full of summer kimonos, each one more original than the next. Well-chosen, this piece can easily replace a beach dress like a light jacket. Elegant, practical, and versatile, why deprive yourself of it any longer?


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