How to lose rock-solid thigh fat?

How to lose rock solid thigh fat

If you are unhappy with your large thighs, especially when you wear a short kurti or a top on your leggings and jeans, you need to work out on your thighs. With some fantastic thigh exercises to do, you can reduce your thighs within a matter of a few days or even a few weeks. In addition, if you are troubled with your rock-solid thigh fat, we have a few thigh exercises that you can practice to reduce the fat. You can do these thigh exercises at your home or even at your office during the lunch break. 

  1. Side shuffle switch: You can do this fast-paced thigh exercise at home. Start by standing straight and shuffle quickly towards your right by taking three quick steps to the side – right, left, right. Simultaneously you need to lift your knee up and throw your right arm forward. Reverse the shuffle and practice the same with your left side. Do this thigh exercise at least 20 times in a row and increase your speed with every rep.
  2. Plyometric squats: This thigh exercise is not only effective for your thighs but even for your core. If you’re looking forward to reducing your belly, this thigh exercise is all you need. Once you’re standing straight, start by squatting and bending your knees to 90 degrees. Jump up and land back to the same squatting position while keeping your hands joined in front of you. Just make sure to land softly after every jump so that you don’t put much jerk on your knees.
  3. Side lunge sweep: This thigh exercise will strengthen your outer and inner thigh while giving a balance to your core. Start by standing straight with your hands on the hips, put your left leg out and lower yourself into a lunge while bending your left knee and pushing your hips behind you. Push through your left heel and stand up quickly while crossing your left leg in the front without having to touch the ground. Make sure you are squeezing your inner thighs as much as you can while crossing your leg. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  4. Side leg circle: This thigh exercise is easy to perform. Start by lying down on a mat with your legs and hands placed straight on the ground. Point with your left foot, try to lift it up in the air and rotate your leg slightly outward. Breathe deeply while tracing a circle with your leg. Make sure only your legs are moving while your hips remain in the same position. Trace the circle five times in the clockwise direction and five times in the anti-clockwise direction before changing your leg.

With these easy thigh exercises, you can quickly reduce the fat in your thighs. Just make sure that you don’t exert yourself too much. Do a warm-up before you begin these thigh exercises, and cool down once you’re done. If you are persistent with these thigh exercises, you can quickly lose the built-up fat in your thighs. 

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