Google Latest update : SERP And 2020 Core


Google has a new update. Google search results on Chrome display differently. Now, the text is larger (without zooming) and the URL is shown above the website title. The aim of Google is to no longer display multiple results from the same website unless in rare cases. In fact, “the results are effective” as said by the company’s public search liaison Google’s Danny Sullivan.

Here’s how it looks now

Search Engine Result Page

“Have you ever done a search and gotten many listings all from the same site in the top results? We’ve heard your feedback about this and wanting more variety. A new change now launching in Google Search is designed to provide more site diversity in our results….”

Google SearchLiaison, Jun 7, 2019

Google update

The SERP change will remove the hassle of seeing more than two listings from the same website in the top results. However, there can be extreme cases when the system might show more than two listings but only when Google will detect its relevancy higher. It will treat the subdomains as part of the main domain meaning Google will consider the main and subdomain as single-site unlike earlier when they were treated different sites for diverse purposes.

Google January 2020 Core Update Is Here & It’s Huge

Google SERP update was a small action taken by the giant company. The real wait is over with the announcement of the 2020 Core Update. The Google algorithm update is expected to be radical and substantial. The last core update was made in September 2019 but wasn’t much shocking but this year Google with surprise internet-savvy people with its caliber and scalability.

Brett Tabke is the Founder and CEO of Pubcon wants to name it “Update Picard” but as Google has already named its core update there is no possibility.

Google update

Fast Facts on Google Core Update January 2020

 Google announces the roll-out of its first broad core algorithm update of 2020 on the 13th of January 2020.

 In only a few days, the Google January 2020 Core Update is rolled out to Google’s data centers.

 The January 2020 Core Update impact is still under process.

 Google continues to consider the core updates transparent communication policy which began in 2019.

 Google also launches another update to its SERP layout that displays company icons (favicons) displayed in desktop search results.

On 24th September 2019, Google 2019 core update was entirely focused on enhancements of the content quality in the SERPs. Later that year, Google pre-announced a core algorithm update in advance. However, the update held no prior changes, unlike this year’s update. There is not yet any information but rumors are ‘it is going to be big’.