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If you are wondering what you did with tapestry, we have some ideas for you! Tapestry is a piece of fabric sometimes thick and hand-woven and sometimes thin, and the screen is printed. So there are a lot of tapestry ideas you can start making today.

1.Make a Statement Wall

Hang the tapestry on one wall in the room to make a statement. The statement walls are meant to paint the eye while making the design of the room stand out. You can break down white walls or make a statement, even when hired, using tapestries. If you want to learn how to hang a tapestry then you can follow here:-

2.Reach on the Roof

Add movement and size to your space by hanging tapestry on the ceiling – an area that is often overlooked in the room. You can customize the look here by pulling the tapestry tight or letting it move and pull on the ceiling. If you want more ideas for hanging tapestry, keep reading.

3.Use As A Picnic Dress

Do you wish to have a photogenic picnic that encourages you while keeping your food and clothing clean? Use tapestry! Although it will not be able to protect the water (check the soil before laying it on the ground), it will provide a nice backdrop for a picnic with your loved ones.

4.Close the Sofa

There are many reasons to close the bed – you know, the cat may have attacked it, the children have spent food on it, or you may be tired of looking at the same old text. You can find large tapestries that cover the bed well. Put it on the edge, and you have a brand new sofa in your hands.

5. Use as curtains

If you are tired of the same options of ol curtains, spice things up with beautiful tapestries. You can use one or more tapestries, depending on the style you follow. You can even hang them over the curtain to keep things looking good.

6. Bring to the Beach

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to stretch in the sand without piles of sand that end up with cracks you did not agree with, bring a tapestry! Many of them curl up smaller and heavier, making a nice addition to the beach festivals.

7. Decorate with event

To add pizzazz to your party or event, decorate with a large tapestry. You can use it as a background for party photos, tablecloth or as another decorative item to capture a large and blank wall. 

8.Build a Chair Cover

Whether you want to renovate that old, stunning Papasan chair or look to build new meditation cushions for people to sit on, tapestry offers you many options in fabric .

9.Use as a sleeping area

If you do not want to invest in a new comforter or quilt for your bed, you can change the look of your bed (and bedroom) with the simple practice of using tapestry as a bedspread. You can change things over and over again as you change your sheets to keep things fun, stylish, and refreshing all the time. There are so many ideas for sleeping tapestries out there!

10.Build a Castle

Who does not love the castle? Maybe you have never been to one since you were a child. Now is the time to rethink the castle of adults. Build a fort with tapestry by hanging it from the ceiling above the bed like a tent, using chairs as a child or other material that can support the fabric. Then crawl inside with a lamp, your favorite book, and a moment of relaxation.

11.Build a Headboard

Headboards can be expensive and heavy. Maybe you don’t want all that pile on the wall. Well, now you don’t. Instead, place a nice tapestry on the back of your bed so that it can bend like a headboard. If you like the durability of the headboard but like the design of the tapestry, you can wrap the tapestry and attach it to the headboard to create a unique design.

12. Use as Meditation Matt

Meditation is a powerful way to connect with you and find peace in a turbulent world sometimes. Tapestries make an excellent addition to your meditation practice. You can use them as a meditation space – a preferred place to stay. You can also use tapestry to create a meditative pillow for your chosen style.

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