Enough Protein Should be Present in Bulldog Food

Bull Dog

English bulldogs grow very fast and they have a strong musculature. The diet should be able to keep up with natural growth pattern of the cuddly pet, besides providing for natural immunity. You can find quite a few providers who make special food packets for bulldogs.

Choosing the right one would need the owner to check out several aspects such as nature of ingredients, affordability, lasting time, and availability of vitamins for immunity. It definitely helps a lot when you can compare the different products from a reviewing site dedicated to serve the best for the adorable bulldogs.

The right amount

Not only is it important to find a suitable provider for bulldog food, it is also necessary to decide on how much should you get on the plate. Bulldogs are more or less fond of eating, but they also sometimes develop meat allergy. Owners should start with measuring their dogs and see whether the pet is underweight or overweight. You can consult a pet doctor or simply check out the right weight from an online source. Once you have the idea, it is easy to decide how much you should provide.

They are in the medium-weight category of breeds, and a healthy dog needs about 900 calories daily. If yours pet is underweight, then increase the calories. When the dog weighs more than it should, focus on burning the calories with ample exercises and including food ingredients that help reduce fat but add to muscle mass.

In additions, you should always make sure to provide sufficient water as bulldogs depend on a high protein diet which would make their body feel parched. Make sure that the water bowl is always full. Owners should also have a clear idea on how many times the dog should be fed. Since they grow very fast, the pups should be fed at least four times daily. When your puppy is about 4 months old, distribute the diet into three servings. By six months age, you should start the normal diet of feeding twice daily.

Avoiding health problems

They may suffer from a wide range of health problems and proper care should be taken. Formation of gas and body odor is a major issue for these muscular pets who eat ‘hot’ (protein) foods all the time. By the way, make sure that you alternate the meat with fish often because not only fishes are great protein sources, but they can also prevent food allergies. You can find food products that prevent gas formation by their researched ingredients.

Consider buying a fish-flavored product made with human-standard ingredients for best health benefits. The flavor should come from natural sources like Omega 3 oils, which are also great for heart health. Compare different bulldog food options available. A key disadvantage of high protein diet is that it can lead to joint pains by formation of uric acid. Therefore, remember to include a lot of vitamin sources in the diet as well. See whether the food brands have special categories by bulldog breeds.

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