Kumara Parvatha Trek: One Of The Most Challenging Trek OF Western Ghat

Parvatha Trek


The Western Ghats is complete with stunning hills and mountains to adventure on. While a number of them are clean to mild, the others are grueling. One comparable audacious path lies in Coorg. The Kumara Parvatha Trek is assumed to be tough. Home to lush foliage, it exposes the Pushpagiri variety of the Western Ghats. At metres, Kumara Parvatha is effortlessly an excessive top and ranks sixth in Karnataka.

All about Kumara Parvatha Trek

The excellent months to adventure presently are October to January and June to September. The adventure unfurls scenic geographies as you traipse up. Gear over for a tiring adventure and get prepared to take a mix of each mild and sensitive trail. There are routes to take.

The place to begin of this 16-kilometre stretch can be Bidalli from the Somwarpet area or Subramanya from the South Kannada aspect. It’s a notably steep adventure. Although a few halls are muddy, the route is nicely said with signage.

Moochers are normally encountered then, therefore, it is really appropriate to live unwell of them and test your socks often. As you start the adventure, you will attain thick wood. On crossing this, the binary peaks of Shesha Parvatha and Marigundi will display themselves.

Camping is a commodity that cannot be executed on the Parvatha. As a trade, you could chamber on the wooden branch workplace or mantapa hard. Reserving to live at Bhatru Mane may be made in advance. Sunset factors lie close to it and may fluently be penetrated from the spot. After an extended adventure, the approaching forestall so as to relax can be at Kallu Mantapa. To locate it clearly, the hint follows the path from Shesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha. The elegant manner to head approximately it might be to get all tenting and journeying warrants in advance, and having reserving for the night time halt made earlier than.

Precautions to Take While Trekking

You ’ll want to check in with the Forest Department officials earlier than you begin your adventure as that is obligatory. Carrying first aid, water and meals inventories may be a bonus then. The most effective choice that you ’ll have for purchasing meals is at Bhattara Mane, that is the ultimate relaxation forestall. You can spot lookout factors alongside the manner that provide stunning perspectives in each course that you could conceivably turn.

In a few halls, the path can come assuredly steep and it is able to become an almost perpendicular rise. One aspect of the journeying path will open out to a sheer drop of 2000 bases, so this adventure is without a doubt now no longer for the faint at heart.

Still, if you are prudent and workout the essential preventives, you could experience this previously in a continuance occasion. From pro pedestrians to apprentices, Kumara Parvatha draws everybody with its scenic hills and journey options.

Things to Do at Kumara Parvatha

There are stunning perspectives that are found all alongside the manner. You can head to the falls after spending an afternoon journeying. On your way back, ensure to forestall with the aid of using Kukke to go to the Kukke Subramanya Temple. While journeying, you could fluently spot the lighting fixtures of the metropolis of Somwarpet of Kodagu (Coorg), because the Parvat lies among Kodagu and Dakshina Kannada.

How to Reach Kumara Parvatha  

By Air

The nearest subject to Kumara Parvatha is Mangalore Airport, which is set one hundred fifty-five kilometres down and is the trendy manner to attain there. The closest trade is Kempegowda International Airport which lies more or less 272 kilometres.

By Train

Still, you could take the bus only at Mysore Railway Station or Hassan Railway Station as those are the nearest to the Parvatha, If you propose to board a train. Besides that, Bangalore Railway Station has trains reaching near Kumara Parvatha. From there, you could take a hack to attain the Parvatha.

By Road

Drive down from Hassan, Mysore, Mangalore or Bangalore or clearly hop onto the motorized vehicles plying often from those system stations to Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Things to Take On Kumara Parvatha Trek

  • Basic First Aid kit
  • Identity Card
  • Cap/ Scarf/ Bandana & Sunglasses
  • Water (Minimum litres)
  • High-calorie snacks (Nuts & dry fruits, home-baked cake, etc.)
  • Safety Pins, Rubber bands & Whistle (Useful in emergencies.)
  • Quick Dry T-shirts are optimum over cotton tees.
  • A heat layer (Pull over, sweater or a jacket)
  • Poncho, most effective for the duration of post-monsoons
  • Plastic sheet to wrap digital devices, most effective for the duration of monsoons
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  • Trekking poles
  • Tent (3-Person or 2-Person – Depending at the quantity of human beings sharing)
  • Sleeping Bag

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