Best Email Management Tips To Save Time in 2020

Email Management

An email has become one of the most important parts of our daily life. So it becomes extremely important that you know about the best email management tips to save time. It not only helps us to communicate with people efficiently but also proves to be extremely useful in our day to day official as well as personal work. 

But does that mean you open your mailbox and sit all day long arranging your emails and finding the important conversations? The answer is definitely not. You must be quick and efficient enough to handle all your emails daily in a timely manner.

Process Your Mail Once Daily

As a human being, it is a natural phenomenon to go on checking your mailbox repeatedly the whole day so that you don’t miss any important email. But you need to understand that by doing so you are wasting a lot of time and productivity.

The important mail you are waiting for might not arrive on that day and in the process, you waste a lot of time. So it’s always better you deter yourself from checking your mailbox repeatedly all day long and instead keep a fixed time of the day for checking your emails. 

You might keep a fixed time in the morning or in the evening and go through all the emails quickly. Prioritize the important emails and leave the rest. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of time. 

All E-Mails Do Not Need Reply

Whatever you might think but the matter of fact is that you don’t need to reply to all emails that you receive all day long.

Some emails can easily be left unanswered or ignored completely because they are of no importance.

Some emails are also being sent out of impulse and the best practice is to ignore such emails. So you need to identify the most important and urgent emails and reply to them on a priority basis. If you follow this practice you will find out that you are creating a filter for yourself and saving a lot of time in the process in which you can invest in some other more important work. 

Create Reply Templates

Reply templates can be one of the most important email management tools and can prove to be extremely useful in saving a lot of time in your work. 

If you analyze your sent folder in a detailed way you will find out a trend in messages that you reply to. You can categorize them in different segments like requests, reviews, enquires and others and set a prewritten templates for each one of them so that from the next time you do not have to manually write the emails and can send the prewritten template messages.

This will increase your productivity and will save a lot of time which gets wasted in writing emails.

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Unsubscribe from All Unwanted Newsletters

If you are using your main email account for subscribing to online shopping or job websites, you may be getting a lot of unwanted stuff like marketing newsletters, ads, or even spam emails.

In this case, you will need to know how to unsubscribe from emails without much effort. The easiest way is to use and email unsubscribing tool to see all your available subscriptions in one place and opt-out from all of them you don’t need further. 

Use the Filtering Tool

It is very important that you set filters for your emails depending on its importance, subject title, body texts, and email addresses so that you only get the most important and urgent emails which need a reply.

The other unnecessary and bogus emails can be filtered out automatically from your mailbox so that it does not remain messy and you can concentrate on the genuine important emails. 

Thus to conclude we can say that email is a revolution that has changed the way we communicate officially or informally. But we need to know its proper usage and plan everything wisely so that we do not waste time on it and instead use it for saving our time and increase effectiveness. These are Email Management best practices to save time.

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